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[ ♥♥♥ Tuesday, July 26th, 2005 @ 11:16am]

I'm having difficulty coming up with an update for this. A lot of crap has happened but not so much stuff I want to write about... or more so stuff I do want to write about but I don't know how/its weird. Hmmm... lets just start with whats going on with me right now.

My computer is still broken, but its getting closer to the time where my family FINALLY follows through and gets me a laptop. My uncle's just been really busy, as have my parents... and maybe its good they've waited so long because turns out St. Eds can get me a 12% discount on it. Not that big of a deal but still, better than full price. So until then, still stuck with my moms when I can get to it. And thats probably a big reason why I havnt updated as much/been online a lot lately. So yeah.

My Grandfather came home from the hospital I think it was... Friday? He's mostly better, but still needs a lot more water and to take medicine regularly. All in all though he's good. And that same night, after two nights in the (pet) hospital, hooked up to IV's and with tons of blood tests and ultrasounds and body scans and stuff, they decided that my dog was just far too gone. The poor thing had a blood clot in his lung that would cost thousands to remove and not even guarentee much more than a week, and we'd already spent at least a thousand on IV's and all the tests, that it just seemed like time. He's been a great dog for 15 years so I was upset, but I handled it well. I didn't go, and instead opted out and spent time with Hayden and AJ to take my mind off it. While that might seem wrong to some, its just how I had to deal with it and yeah. On Sunday my brother and dad made a memorial to him in the back yard, over where they burried him. It's sweet.

I'm still working my ass off. I got a huge pay check last week, and a week from Thursday I'll be getting an even bigger one. They've hired a few new girls for cashier, and are still taking tons of applications for all positions, so hopefully when school starts I can back down a ton and not get in too much trouble for it. Both Matt and Fay (two of my managers), have made a point to tell me I'm the nicest and sweetest one there, and the one with the best attitude, and that they've been getting good reports about me from customers. Matt says he even has to walk around sometimes and tell the people on the floor to smile because they just aren't looking too happy or friendly.  All of this makes me VERY happy to hear, because I doubt myself way too much when it comes to that job. The other day as I was leaving, this guy asked me a question about bedding that I had NO clue over, but I ended up spending like, 20-30 minutes with him and talked him into spending over $300... so I felt very accomplished. And Matt also said with a little more training he wants me out on the floor... but I'm afraid its at the expense of another. Oh well!!

Friend and boyfriend stuff is going... weirdly. I talked to Kansas on the phone one night which caused an issue with Hayden and AJ (but more so Hayden) and since then things have been off. Hayden moves out to his new house today, and I have tommorow off so I think I might suggest going to help them un pack. And stuff with the boyfriend... gosh. Dramatic and difficult but I THINK its better now. I guess I'll have to give it a week or so and check back.

Gah! I have loads of stuff to write about all the sudden but I gotta go! Time to get my car and go shopping shopping shopping! Anyways, I'll update later.


sEaL iT wItH a KiSs

[ ♥♥♥ Wednesday, July 20th, 2005 @ 6:13pm]

So I've done a really shitty job of updating this thing, but I promise to try and get better.

Things kinda suck right now. I mean yes they could get a WHOLE lot worse but yeah... my Pawpaw (the one that lives with me) is in the hospital for a really bad bladder infection that could be part of something else worse... I don't really know much of the details, just that he has to stay overnight at least tonight because they have him hooked up to IV's for antibiotics. On top of that, my dog is most likely going to be put to sleep tonight. For those of you who don't know, I love my dog to death and I've had him since I can even remember. Like, 14 years. So its hard to think about not having him around. Two nights ago I came home from dinner with AJ, and he was laying weird, breathing heavy, and refused to move. He was litteraly like a sack of potatoes. And once again, anyone who knows me knows I freak out, and  so I spent the next like, 4 hours crying while my mom took care of him. She laid in a recliner in our living room and held him and covered him in a blanket and just rubbed him all night. The most moving he was doing was clenching his stomache. I was convinced he would be gone when I woke up, but it was quite the opposite. My mom woke me up at like, 8 to tell me he was fine, that he'd fallen out of the chair in the middle of the night and peeed (how many e's is that?!) and stuff, but that once my dad went in to the office to work on the computer and she left to take a shower, he got up and pranced in there like nothing was wrong! So we don't really know what was up, but since then he's been a little less mobile and stuff and my parents have basically decided its time. Its sad like none other, and I keep randomly crying but its for the best and hopefully it will be all good soon.

So yeah! Things aren't all peachy keen like I wish they were, but its not that bad. AJ's been really busy with school this week, so my contact with him has been at a bare minimum, but he's been talking to me on the phone a lot and trying his best to make me feel better about things so that means a lot... and Hayden's out of town so he's going to come home and be like, WTF so I don't have him either. Basically, I'm on my own! But I can handle it.. I think?

Its been so long I forgot to update about orientation!! It was good... met a ton of people, including my roommate. She seems cool and stuff, more like me than not. Which is a good thing, right? I also met this girl Libby, and this guy Kansas (Austin's his real name but... whatever) and made good friends with them. Whether or not I ever see/talk to them again is a different story but I hope to! They were tons of fun. Basically I went to a whole bunch of classes on random things and took random tours. All of which I paid like zero attention to. I saw Xavier a few times, and he called my SOL to track me down at one point which was totally cute. And the opitomy (sp) of cuteness was AJ coming to say goodnight randomly before I went to bed :) Totally made my day. All in all, it was fun but I was glad to be off campus and back to my normal routine after 2 days. I didn't get to see my dorm because its still being built, but I did get to stay in the one that is supposed to be exactly like it, and its nice and roomy. Plus curfew rules are neat. I have no curfew during school year, but, boys aren't allowed in my room after midnight Sunday-Thursday, and 2 am Friday and Saturday. Meh, could be worse I guess. I signed up for classes and officially changed my major from Math to Communications. I'm taking: Cybertopia as Freshmen Studies (Rhet and Comp) (DONT LAUGH! I had like, no choice in the matter. It was that or something about China), Intro to Comm, and Presentational Speaking. I'm also signed up for Chem, but I think I'm going to drop it and do a summer course eventually. I don't have to take it, but my counseler just wanted me to have 15 when I first signed up. I deffinantly plan on taking fewer courses, doing a whole lot better, and working... rather than cramming all the time and having no life.

Speaking of work, its all I've been doing. I get up, get ready, work work work, then hang out with AJ before going to sleep and starting over. I get paid tommorow which is nice, and I'm making good money but eventually I'm going to get really burned out. But the people are nice, mostly, and I get a kick ass discount so I'm not complaining too much. Its fun for the most part and only a pain in the ass sometimes so... yeah!

All things considering, I'm doing pretty good. I'm excited to be turning 18, then I move into my dorm not even a week later, then start classes, and its a whole new beginning kinda! Things are good with the boyfriend, the job, and the family (mostly) and once everyone gets back in town, I plan on spending more time with my friends. I totally fell victim to Facebook... I'm such a nerd! But its kinda fun to be meeting people I'll be seeing all the time next year so wheres the harm in it?

Well, this is incredibly long, AJ's calling, and everyone's returning from the hospital so its time to get going.


sEaL iT wItH a KiSs

[ ♥♥♥ Friday, July 15th, 2005 @ 8:24am]

La la la, really bored! Sitting in some stupid computer class at orientation completely ignoring everything they're saying!! Highlight: I get to sign up for classes next!! YAY! Anyways, thats all for now.

P.S.-Libby and Kansas say hi!

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[ ♥♥♥ Wednesday, July 6th, 2005 @ 1:53pm]
[ mood | loved ]

So my computer totally sucks and crashed, AGAIN. And of course my uncle is still not doing what he PROMISED he would, and is taking his sweet time in getting me my laptop... so that could take a whole nother month (ps I was supposed to get it over a month and a half ago) and I'm pissed about that and I don't have a computer anymore. It would be really pointless to try and fix the one I have when I have a new one coming, but at the same time I hate using my mothers. Hince my lack in updating... anyways!

I have a wonderful boyfriend :)

Haha, random I know. This past week has been full of working. I worked all day (pratically) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday... then 2-close on Saturday... then I was supposed to have Sunday off but I agreed to cover this guys shift since he was sick, so 3 hours then... and Monday I worked 2-close as well. Yesterday was my first day off, and it was GREAT. I deffinantly like this job a whole lot. The people (minus this one chick) are absolutly hilarious and tons of fun. Sara works with me at the registar most of the time, Eric does guest service (LOVE HIM), Celena and Elizabeth are on floor, Albert who's already nicknamed me "meany" does recieving, and Karen is one of the managers. They're all really fun. I swear we all do more making fun of each other than actual work. Plus Sara, Celena, and Eric have already picked up on who AJ is, and they totally mock me when he's around... but I find that cute because it... is? The time has gone by really fast, and a lot of that is due to the fact that I enjoy the people, I have a lot of down time to wander, and AJ comes by often to visit and bring me food on occasion. So yay for all that!!

Except I'm kind of bitter that I have to work 5-close today, tommorow, and Friday.. but I'll get over that. Its totally the least busy part of the day so it wont be bad AT ALL. And I'm already like, doing really well because Matt, the main manager keeps telling me I'm the best he's seen in a long time when it comes to talking to the customers and making conversation and making their experiance more "personal". And, I got two new LNT accounts opened on Monday alone, which means I get a bonus!! So all in all, this job rocks.

Aside from work, I havn't had much time to do anything really. I'm seeing AJ more often through out the week than when he first started school, and I've been trying to get together with everyone else as well, but its a little tough. I did stuff with the boys on the fourth, and thats basically been it. I'm gonna try and get something together to do before I work on Friday, and I have Saturday off but its been reserved for AJ.

By the way, totally ignore my last entry. I was pissed off and tired and stressed and got in a stupid arguement over nothing that got resolved at freakin 4 oclock in the morning. Like all of them... haha. Oh how I love waking up after a whole 3 hours of sleep. But all in all things are better. Big yay for that!

I feel like I'm just waisting space by typing, so I'll go ahead and go seeing as how the boyfriends on his way over... I'll try and update later!! -LoVe-


sEaL iT wItH a KiSs

[ ♥♥♥ Saturday, July 2nd, 2005 @ 12:42am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Things go from absolutly great to absolute crap. Pattern maybe? Nah...

What sucks is relying on a false sense of security, and then the feeling of having a rug snatched out from under your feet and knocking you to the ground. Certain actions or or... I don't know, just certain things don't seal some sort of agreement that things will turn out a certain way all the time (or even ever for that matter?) and I guess in my past experiances I should've learned that, but I guess I chose to forget it. Its just that sometimes it seems like something, big or small, can have such a grand affect that things are set to be perfect from that point on. Or not even perfect, just not so shitty. And whoever gave us that idea anyways? Was it the same guy responsible for "Any broken heart can be fixed with a little TLC and a nice fat chocolate bar"? Cause really, thats bull shit and everyone knows it. But still you trick yourself into believing it'll work and you're just more upset when it doesn't. I mean its not the same, or as bad as living a lie or anything, but in all honesty aren't you? You're just sitting on one giant time bomb waiting for it to explode. I think the proper US History term was "powder keg". So there you have it, my life is one big giant powder keg.

On the upside, I get to work 2-close tommorow!! That should be all the great fun....


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Stolen [ ♥♥♥ Thursday, June 30th, 2005 @ 8:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

~ TEN random things about me ~
1. I love almost all types of music: Country, Pop, (some) Rap, Rock, Alternative, "Easy Listening" (or whatever they call 95.5), Oldies (like way back oldies), anything 80's, "Soft" Rock... I could go on
2. I like to daydream about my wedding on a regular basis
3. My favorite colors are pink and red
4. My roommates name is Marissa Leah Abrumson
5. I feel naked if I'm not wearing a ring, earrings, and my watch (and if I've worn a necklace for a long time without forgetting to wear it, I begin to feel naked without it)
6. I love silver jewlery, but am not a big fan of gold
7. I LOVE DANCING when I'm all alone in my room
8. I'm addicted to Caffeine Free Diet Coke
9. I almost never tan without burning
10. I'm the youngest person at my job.

NINE ways to win my heart
1. Have some guts when going about doing things that involve me
2. Treat me like a princess (I know I know, but you can't tell me it wouldn't work on you!) 
3. Remind me how you feel about me so I never doubt "us"
4. Be out-going, but not crazy
5. Make sacrafices and I'll be sure to make them as well
6. Hold my hand
7. Not everything has to be about the hormones, sometimes cute silly little kisses are better
8. Respect my friends and the decisions they make, even when they are stupid
9. Respect my decisions even when they're bad, but don't be afraid to tell me that I might do better if I did it a different way... (does that even make sense?)

EIGHT things I want to do before I die
1. Go to Rome
2. Get married and have a family
3. Be succesful in something that I love (my job)
4. Make an impact in someones life
5. Have enough money to live in comfort and buy what I want without always having to worry, but not so much that I lose sight of whats important
6. Have a night thats so memoriable, that someone would want to make it into a movie (haha)
7. Travel
8. Master an amazing skill

SEVEN things I wish I were
1. Older (like, mid twenties)
2. Rich
3. Shorter
4. Better looking
5. More interesting
6. A performer
7. Skinnier (more fit)

SIX things that get me mad (or annoyed/paranoid/frustrated)
1. When I know how someone really is, but they put on a show so everyone thinks their so much better than they are
2. When people talk about me behind my back
3. Being avoided/ignored
4. If this makes any sense, when I wish I could be somewhere I'm not and everyone else is having fun
5. When people overreact and blame you for things that aren't your fault
6. When people are rude for no reason

FIVE things I'm afraid of
1. Blood
2. Needles
3. Driving on the wrong side of the road
4. Dying alone/Losing those I love, including family, friends, ect.
5. Birds

FOUR of my favorite items in my room
1. My pictures by my bed of Hayden, Me, AJ, ect.
2. MY BED!!
3. Duh, my computer
4. Does my puppy count? He's almost always in my room so...

THREE things I do everyday
1. Put on lotion/baby oil
2. Talk on the phone
3. Shower

2 things I need to do right now
1. Go to the gym or go running
2. Clean my room

ONE person I want to see right now
1. AJ cause I havnt seen him in a LONG time and I've had to resist his visits!!! I hate being a good girlfriend and making him study :( 

sEaL iT wItH a KiSs

Just waisting time... [ ♥♥♥ Wednesday, June 29th, 2005 @ 8:24am]
[ mood | nervous ]

I start work at Linens N' Things today... I had to wake up early to drop my mom off, and didn't have time to go back to sleep... so I'm just waisting time till I have to leave. I've done my hair, and I still have roughly an hour to an hour and 15 minutes before I have to leave, so I figured I'd update.

I'm anxious to start work because I've had two jobs in my life, and neither really count. Working for my dad was great fun and all, but I've been working summers and holidays there since I was like, 7 so it got old. Plus it wasn't like I really did all that much because it was easier to slack off than work... bad I know. And last summer at Emeralds was just a disaster. Everyday someone else was talking about their plans to quit, I had my "own hours" which meant I could come and go as I please, so basically I harldy ever went, and I was in charge of designing a website by myself, which was way beyond me. So basically I just went in early after dropping off my mom, talked on AIM for hours, sort of took pictures of the merchandise, and ran random errands to the store and back to the warehouse.

So for me, its going to be nice to have a steady job that pays well, and gives me something to do with my days. They're apparently REALLY understaffed so Matt, the manager told me that if I wanted it, I could have 40+ hours. I don't know if I'm going to take that much on just yet, but I'll be working my ass off.

This summer has been pretty dang good considering. Started off kinda slow, and it was kinda hard to get used to seeing my boyfriend hardly at all, but that got a whole lot easier/better. I am going to miss being able to just pick up and do whatever whenever, but I don't think its going to be that bad. I just hope that I'm not always working while AJ's free, and I'm free when he's busy. And I hope Haydens not gone and moved by the time I actually get free. But all in all I think this is going to work out really well.

Things are going really really well right now. I'm really quite pleased with the direction of everything. I have orientation on the 14th and 15th, and I get to registar for classes and all that fun stuff. I've finally decided that I think I'm going to scratch the Math major idea, and go with what I really want to do, which is Communications/Public Relations. Its more me in my opinion. I can finally put money in the bank rather than take it all out, and it'll be nice to know its my own money that I worked so hard to get. And everythings going really really well with everybody. No ones fighting or throwing fits about someone else, and its just nice to finally have everyone happy at the same time!

Well I better go get dressed and have a bite to eat before leaving. Wish me luck! -MuAh-


sEaL iT wItH a KiSs

YoU'rE mY wOnDeRwAlL [ ♥♥♥ Monday, June 27th, 2005 @ 6:25pm]
[ mood | perfect ]

So yay for a great few days since I've been home!!! I must say I'm suprised, because usually upon returning from vacation, things are kind of slow and boring and not fun because you miss a lot, or you wish you were still gone... but!! It's different!

I had my Linens N' Things interview today and so far so good! After almost all my answers he told me that I was hitting it right on the nail, or that was exactly what they needed, or something very similar. Plus he told me he'd call me back either today or tommorow, so I'm thinking it might just work!! So super yay for that! Finally a solid source of income and I won't be bored all day long!!

Yesterday was a greeeeeeeeeaaatttt day. I had my first really good nights sleep, did a ton of laundry, and then got ready to go out. I met Hayden and Craig at Hayden's, and we sat around and talked for awhile before deciding to go on a search for a new resturaunt we've never eaten at. I decided to drive and we ended up way out by Anderson Lane on 183. Deffinantly good times getting there. This stupid arabian guy in the exact same car as me passed me up, which totally pissed me off, and so I spent the next 20 minutes passing him and cutting him off and going really slow to piss him off. Great fun. He was getting really annoyed... eventually we settled on Cheddars.

If you've never been, let me tell you they are OBSESSED with their chicken tenders. There had to be like, 15 menu items that had to do with them. Around this time, the 5 mexican Advil I'd taken started kicking in, and I became a little loopy. I couldn't stop laughing and I was talking a mile a minute, and everytime I said chicken tenders I started cracking up... it was a mess. It took us like, 30 minutes to finally decide what we wanted, and even then we changed our minds. But oh well! Good good times. Our waitress stopped serving us and gave us the manager because we were acting so weird, and Hayden and Craig were convinced we were going to get kicked out cause they probably thought I was on drugs. Fun stuff! Hayden was convinced this desert was called the Cookie Monster Wow, and that just started a whole nother round of laughing fits.

Anyways, after a long dinner we headed back down South, where I had another fit with some arabian guy in a volvo, and we ended up at Craigs. There we met up with AJ and watched The Real Cancun and just hung out. I ended the night wonnnnderfully with the best boyfriend in the whole wide world!!

Things are starting to really get good. I have these periods of time in my life where like, for a month things will really suck and I'll be in bad moods all the time and fighting with everyone and stuff. But then once that wears off, I have like, 2 months of great times where everything just keeps getting better and better before it all starts to go bad again. And right now I think I'm getting into the good stuff. Everythings just going right! I had a great vacation, I'm most likely about to start a good job, I have the most amazing boyfriend who I love to death, I'm about to start school which is really exciting, and I have great friends that I have good times with! And I have a feeling that this time its going to last longer than 2 months :) I hope!!

Well, as much as I'd love to go on and on about how wonderful things are and how happy I am, its about to be dinner time. Ymmm!! Have a good week all!!



sEaL iT wItH a KiSs

Yay for being home!! [ ♥♥♥ Sunday, June 26th, 2005 @ 2:38pm]
[ mood | busy ]

EEK! I'm finally home after a week!! Gosh its great to be back... now for the long and boring entry about everything...

Saturday-Woke up early, drove to Houston and got on the ship. It wasn't what I had been expecting but it was still gorgeous and huge. It was neat. That day was spent just kinda fooling around and just hanging out doing nothing.

Sunday-We were at sea this whole day, and I spent the majority of it out laying in the sun on the top deck. It was nice because there was a constant breeze, so instead of sweating my ass off, I was getting goosebumps. It was calming and nice, and having people bring you drink after drink made it all the more fun. I managed to get burned on my butt and part of my chest pretty bad but no biggy. Just hung out the rest of the night and did nothing!!

Monday-Woke up, got off the boat, and wandered around Cozemel (Mexico) with my family. We took a two hour taxi tour of the city and saw that it was pretty much just rocky beach and shops. Nothing fancy. Had lunch at Carlo's and Charlies before getting back on the boat, and laughed at all the stupid drunk girls making fools of themselves. Once again, just hung out the rest of the evening and all that jazz!

Tuesday-Woke up and did nothing until we got to Roatan (Honduras) and then once again just wandered around and shopped in the little stores. I was feeling sick and what not so we just took a cab to a resort resturaunt thing and had a GREAT lunch. It was nice... then just got back on board! Got online a bit, and talked to everyone and did some emailing... nothing fancy!

Wednesday-Got up early and got on the tender boat to go into Belize City (Belize). Me, my dad, and my brother got on the excursion bus and took an hour and a half trip with a bunch of people to the jungle. We got all geared up and hiked up to the top of the trees, and started our tour thing. Basically it was a series of like, 10-15 zip lines that went from tree to tree through this cavern about 500 feet up in the air. It was really fun, but I screamed my ass off... everyone was laughing cause I was freaking out and all the guides were trying to calm me down but it didnt so much work. Managed to sprain my ankle and by the time it was over I was totally exhausted and took a LONG nap on the boat. Woke up, had dinner, and then went with my mom into the casino. Got online, talked to people, and that was fun! See now, you aren't even allowed in the casino if your not 18 and you deffinantly can't gamble but I said to hell with it and did it anyways. And despite HATING slot machines, I won $30!! So good night.

Thursday- Woke up and took the tender into Cancun, and ofcourse got sick and was miserable. Wandered around, had lunch, then went back to the boat and layed in the sun. That evening did some more gambling then got online. Bad idea, because I managed to get in a fight with AJ despite being forever away, but oh well. More or less the night ended terribly and yeah.

Friday-At sea all day, and spent most of it trying to get tanner, which didnt work. Once again, got online (bad idea) and spent way too much money to fight for way too long with the boyfriend. Bad bad. But it ended well so I was fine with it... had dinner and stuff and packed and went to sleep!

Yesterday-Got up, got off the boat and drove home!! Go figure, spent the next 5 or so hours fighting with AJ but after a long long loooooong conversation, I totally won. So yay for that! Had a good evening with him... went to dinner and then watched a movie! It was a great night to come home to!

So yeah that was long and descriptive but oh well! Today looks promising, hanging out with the friends and such. AND YAY! I finally got a job interview with Linens N' Things tommorow so that'll be totally exciting. Hope it all goes well! Anyways thats it for now but I'll be sure to update some later in the week! -MuAh-


sEaL iT wItH a KiSs

[ ♥♥♥ Tuesday, June 21st, 2005 @ 4:06pm]
Because I'm that big of a nerd...

Letting everyone know I'm alive and well! I'll be home Saturday and hope everyone has a good week! MUAH!
sEaL iT wItH a KiSs

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